Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Imagine a week in Lasagne di Zucchine (Lasagne with Courgettes).

Well we won't need to imagine for much longer as a contingent of our office are travelling to Tuscany to test out our new week long holidays we will be offering from 2009 - its a tough job but somebody has to do it! Stand -by for trip reports and new pictures from all of us!
Our short breaks to Tuscany proved so popular in 2008 that we now offer a week learning the art of cooking from the Renaissance region for 2009!

To aid the imagination of those that will be stuck at home I thought I would give you a taste of what the course has to offer in the form of a traditional Tuscan dish Lasagne di Zucchine (Lasagne with Courgettes). It's so tasty and lots of fun to make, not to mention, very filling. This recipe is featured on our Cookery Holiday in Tuscany which is held in Villa Segalato, located on the Forci Estate. Enjoy!


250g Egg Pasta
1 kg Courgettes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 big White Onion
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Besciamella Sauce


Roll out the dough to prepare lasagne
Cut into the shapes you require
Wash and clean the courgettes/zucchini and cut them into smallest pieces
Clean and cut the onion and add to the courgettes and mix, let it rest for 5 minutes
Put extra virgin olive oil in a pan and add courgettes, onions, salt and pepper
Start cooking gently on a low heat, mixing regularly
Remove from the heat and drain any excess oil then leave the mixture to rest
Cook the lasagne strips in generously salted hot water
Add a splash of oil
When they’re cooked, which should only take few minutes, remove from the water and place on a dry cloth
Build the lasagna starting with a level of courgettes, go on with a level of lasagne and then courgettes and parmesan, at least 4 – 5 levels of lasagne, finish with a level of parmesan cheese
Put the lasagne in a preheated oven at about 180 degrees
Leave until it starts to brownYou can substitute the courgettes for other vegetables such as mushrooms, artichokes, aubergines, asparagus, etc.

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Jen said...

Thanks for following my blog. Your culinary trips through Italy sound amazing!! I'll keep it on my register in case I need a travel story. (I'm also a magazine travel writer :)