Thursday, 9 October 2008

Flavours of Italy on Flickr

Flavours of Italy is now on Flickr! Why not join us so we can swop all those Italian snaps! It would be great to see images of all those long planned Italian dinner parties we hear you all talk of during your holiday - or you can show us new recipes that we could try!

Flickr is a brilliant image and video hosting website, and online community platform which is great for staying in touch with friends and seeing what they've all been up too. It's really simple to make an account and if you search for Flavours of Italy you will find us! Hopefully see you soon on Flickr!

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Desi said...

What a great website and blog you have!! I'm from the province of Bologna, if you need some help I'd be very glad to give a hand ;-)


AntiquesNut said...

Hi, I'm going antiquing to Europe in February and the trip includes stops in Florence and Arezzo in Tuscany. Check out One of the guides lives there but Do you have any suggestions for your favorite places to eat? Thanks.

Expat Traveler said...

Love the photos and thanks for stopping by my blog! It looks like a fun idea for a vacation.