Tuesday, 11 November 2008

This Week's artworks for The Colours of Italy Exhibition

Jeanette Torkelson

American photographer Jeanette Torkelson spent six months studying and living abroad in Perugia and Florence and says she took hundreds of photos. When asked about her experiences in Italy she says 'She can not wait to go back!' If you would like to experience Florence for yourself why not take part in our week long cookery course in Tuscany, where a private excursion to Florence is part of the itinerary!

Daniel Van Benthuysen

This painting from American artist Daniel Van Benthuysen is oil on canvas, titled "Italian Autumn" is a view of the statue of St. Michael the archangel at Castel Sant'Angelo by Raffaello da Montelupo which you can see on our cooking holidays in Rome.

The statue was originally sculpted to commemorate the end of a plague. Daniel painted this colourful oil following an October visit to Italy.

Ann Williams

These pictures were sent in by Ann Williams after she came back from a 'very enjoyable' cooking holiday in Puglia this year.

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