Saturday, 27 June 2009

The rough guide to Modica chocolate!

Modica is a baroque gem, nestled in the south of the island of Sicily. A beautiful city traversed by wide boulevards, which were actually riverbeds paved over after a flood in 1902. The city is famous for one thing, chocolate, but not as we know it!Anyone who has been to Mexico will recognize the chocolate from Modica. This exceptionally handsome Sicilian city owes it's chocolate heritage to the Aztec people. The chocolate makers of Modica create bespoke blends to suit each customer, combining cacao, sugar and spices. No dairy products are added to Sicilian chocolate, as it solely consists of the dry ingrediants of sugar spices and cacao, no heat or cacao butter is used during blending. This method ensures none of the beneficent nutritional properties of the cacao are lost and the chocolate retains a sandy rough texture, characteristic of the mexican product, as the sugar crystals never melt. Chocalate is a major export of this fabulously baroque city.

Flavours organise cooking, Pilates and painting holidays to Sicily and a trip to Modica chocolate maker, Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, is a highlight of the itinerary!

The Dolceria opened in 1880, owner and manager Pierpaolo represents the sixth generation in the bussiness, who comes from the tradition of the
ciuculataru, or ambulant chocolate maker, who travelled the towns and villages of the surrounding area mixing chocolate according to the tastes of patrons. He now runs the most idyllic and elegant chocolate shop in Modica.

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