Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Salentine Peninsula

At Flavours we have been blown away by the reaction of our clients to locations in Puglia, particularly those along the Salentine Peninsula. Only 40km south from Brindisi, the beautiful baroque town of Lecce is a place to linger, with some incredible Roman remains and a wealth of fine architecture. South of Lecce the Peninsula begins with its rugged landscape set against an incredible coastline which, on one side is framed by the sparkling Adriatic Sea and on the other, the Ionian Sea.

This is farming country, not so mountainous as elsewhere in Italy. There are beautiful olive groves where we often take our guests on tastings at the press. The landscape is littered with a system of ancient stone walls which delineate the fields and give the countryside here the feel of centuries of continuous care. Maps of the region date back to the 5th century BC and also, interestingly confirm that there was a good deal of Greek influence in the region of Apulia as these very ancient documents are written in part in Greek.

More importantly, some of our favourite wines come from this region! Not least are those of the Negroamar grape. This name means "Bitter Black" produces deeply-coloured and brawny wines with strong hints of tropical spices. It is among the most planted red grapes in Italy and notably, it is the base for the Salice Salentino and other big, flavourful reds produced all along the Salentine peninsula. Wineries still operate mostly on traditional lines and grapes are picked in September by hand. Naturally our staff have their favourite, where they take guests to taste the absolute best that the Salentine Peninsula has to offer.

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