Thursday, 15 December 2011

Silver Spoon

A million Italian Mamas will be delighted at the relaunch of the Italian classic cookbook, The Silver Spoon. Originally published in 1950, it’s still one of the most popular wedding presents in Italy today – you rarely go into an Italian kitchen without seeing a well thumbed copy on a shelf. Originally a tranch of cooking experts was commissioned to collect hundreds of traditional Italian recipes and pair them with recommended (and delicious) wines. There are over 2000 recipes illustrated with specially commissioned art work and photography, For this new edition they have added some special, celebrity recipes (Italian celebrities, of course!) This is the first time the Silver Spoon has been available in English. Our Italian cooking holidays follow their lead in that we always teach family recipes in the region where they originated. It’s been a Flavours tenent since we started in 1998.

UK-based parent site, Mumsnet are currently running a competition looking for your favourite family recipes – the biggest treasure a Mama can pass on. We’re delighted that the prize Mumsnet have chosen to offer is a Flavours holiday. That’s a marriage made in heaven.

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