Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Indulge in some Foods of Love Today!

Continuing on the theme of Food and Love from our blog post yesterday, here is our list of foods of love that you could include in a seductive meal for a loved on this Valentine's Day!
Honey – eating honey is a sensual experience in itself, but it also provides a shot of natural energy. Known as ‘The Nectar of Aphrodite’ and created from the nectar of flowers it embodies ripeness and romance.
Chili Peppers – seems an unlikely food to have an amorous effect, but the eating of spicy chili releases natural painkillers, endorphins, which end up making us feel good. Make sure your beloved likes them as much as you do though!
Basil – a wonderful, zingy flavour, fresh basil is a feature of many Mediterranean dishes, but did you know that in Roman times basil was a symbol of love?
Asparagus – this elegant vegetable often features on lists of aphrodisiac foods. This could be down to its shape (ahem!), the fact that it’s often eaten with your fingers dripping in butter, or because it’s packed with nutrients too.
Figs – Apparently eating a fig in front of a loved one is the ultimate sensual act! Linked with love and temptation, it’s been suggested that the fig was the original forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Why not end a meal with fresh figs and great cheese, which coincidentally has ten times the amount of the feel good chemical PEA than chocolate….
Whatever menu you choose (or persuade your partner to cook for you!), the important thing is that it really is a labour of love, served with verve and in an atmosphere of sensuality and indulgence. So go on, cook up a storm this Valentine’s – At Flavours our Cooking Holidays in Italy are a great way to learn new dishes with the person you love!

Biography: Virginia Webb
Virginia Webb recently founded The Good Fork after a varied career which has involved studying and working in Italy, France and Portugal, before becoming a director into the public relations sector. She has had a lifelong interest in good food, starting as a child at her mother’s side baking biscuits and intensified by eating and cooking her way round most of Italy as a student, teacher and translator, working in Paris as a waitress and latterly hosting a local supper club. With The Good Fork she aims to bring the fine foods of the Mediterranean within easy reach of keen cooks across the UK and to encourage them to taste some of the delicious flavours she has enjoyed on her travels.

If you are feeling inspired by the idea of cooking something for someone you love, then visit The Good Fork which currently features a delicious deli-box packed with ingredients on the theme of love, The Lovin’ Forkful. For further information about this deli-box or their monthly deli-boxes, visit www.thegoodfork.co.uk or call 020 8166 1900.

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