Friday, 22 June 2012

Back To Front Change Your Life With A Pilates Course

Is your back talking to you and do you ignore its requests for you to take it away on a Flavours Pilates Course, somewhere warm, somewhere relaxing? Somewhere, anywhere but here it moans!

Have you ever had one of those days when you sit back and feel you just have to stretch out your spine? You can feel it almost crying out as if it’s taken on the shape of your office chair! As usual there is no time to attend to this kind of thing, so you simply adopt your usual scrunched over position and continue work.

Even when you get the opportunity to stand up or leave the building, it’s likely your spine won’t get much exercise as it sinks into the car’s upholstery. We were never built for this sedentary life and we are all paying the price for this new way of living.

What options have we available to us to improve this situation? What about this one? Imagine a sunny morning with the intense sound of cicadas and song birds penetrating your sub conscious. You wake, stretch and remember where you are: Tuscany. You pull on your exercise gear, have a quick splash and go downstairs to join a Pilates course.

As you begin your exercises, starting early to avoid the heat, you can feel the warmth already penetrating your bones, the view of the Tuscan hills is breath taking and suddenly your body is thanking you for taking time to relax on that much-longed for Pilates Course inItaly.

Sounds tempting doesn’t it? We are so good at putting our own needs last and this is a foolhardy approach. We ignore the niggling signs that things are not well with our backs and it’s only pain which finally stops us in our tracks, making us finally take notice.

If you join a Pilates Course in Tuscany, Italy you will benefit from being in a small class and it makes no difference which level you are at as there is plenty of opportunity to work one-to-one with Kathryn Cameron the Pilates Teacher.

Kathryn, whose background is in Physiotherapy says she first took up Pilates years ago on the advice of her doctor having suffered on-going back problems.’ Coming from a physiotherapy background’ she says, ‘I was really interested in the idea of working through Joseph Pilates original concept of working your lower back, abdominals and pelvic area to strengthen want he calls, ‘The Power House.’ ‘The Pilates course in Italy is fantastic, Kathryn says, people relax because there is time, they are all eager to do the exercises first thing in the morning and then have the day to themselves. We have another class in the evening when the temperatures cool and it really is an opportunity to concentrate on yourself and break some of those bad habits which are doing long term damage. It’s great to see people actually moving which is so important for each one of us. This technique is so good for improving posture, lower back strength and managing back pain.

Each class is small enough for individuals to work at their own pace so no prior experience is necessary, just bring yourself. An inspiring Pilates course set in the beautiful Tuscan countryside is waiting; turn things around and put your back first for once! It might be exactly what you need.

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