Friday, 3 August 2012

Top 10 Travel Tips for Single Travellers

1. Forgo single supplements: Single hotel rooms, taxis for one and individual bookings on excursions often come with a nasty price tag. Avoid extra charges by travelling with a holiday company that caters specifically for single travellers.

2. Join a group trip: By far the best way to meet likeminded people, joining a group tour allows you to easily engage with new people. By booking onto a singles group holiday, everyone will be in the same boat, so you can get stuck in with getting to know the group, right from the start.

3. Go small: Big groups can offer plenty of choice in personalities but it’s too easy to get lost in the crowd, or stick with the same two or three people you meet on the first day. Small scale tours, with group sizes of fewer than 15 guests, will give you the chance to really get to know everyone and allow you to mingle more freely within the group.

4. Choose an activity holiday: Rather than sit on a coach seeing the sites, choose a holiday that revolves around doing something creative, like cooking or painting. Sharing a passion with your fellow travellers  creates an instant connection and, with mutual interests, you’re bound to bond.

5. Take a game: A pack of cards can be an invaluable asset to any group trip, particularly on singles holiday when you’ll be engaging new people for the first time. A card game offers a nice break from small talk in those first few evenings, when everyone’s loosening up.

6. Make a holiday resolution: Socialising with a brand new set of people is the perfect time to change bad habits or tackle personality traits that hold you back. Establish yourself as a non-smoker, if you’re trying to quit; make a resolution not to put yourself down; or make a conscious effort not to dwell on a failed relationship you can’t let go of.

7. Use your holiday as a goal: If you’ve been trying to lose weight or get more exercise, use your holiday as a target. Plan to shed a few pounds, and reward yourself with a new holiday outfit.

8. Try something new: It’s never too late to learn or try something new. If you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since school, book yourself on a painting holiday; if you haven’t got round to booking that beginner’s Pilates class, kick start it with a week-long Pilates holiday.

9. Switch your phone off: The beauty of singles holidays are the opportunities they present for you to take a real break from home. Truly immerse yourself by minimising the amount of time you contact home to feel the full benefits of getting away from it all and meeting new people.

10. Choose the right company: Some holidays appeal particularly to older clientele, whilst others market themselves to a wider range of age groups, allowing you to meet a truly diverse set of people. And while some companies operate a tight schedule of sightseeing tours and activities, others will balance excursions, activities and free-time. Decide what sort of trip suits you best and look for companies that meet your ideal.


Flavours of France said...

Painting in Italy sounds wonderful! I like the idea of switching your phone off it's a good tip and it's so important to get away from it all on holiday

Luxury Rental Villas said...

Nothing can go wrong when travelling alone with all these tips. Do share some of your recommended destinations next time please. :) Thanks.