Monday, 22 July 2013

Singles Holidays: ignore the myths, start enjoying the magic

So, if you're single and it's the holiday – what are you going to do? Convention dictates that you would go to the seaside, spend a week in a caravan, go rambling in the Lake District or sightseeing in a historic town. But on your own? Not much fun there.

This is why singles holidays are fast becoming the ideal holiday for those who are on their own. It is a fantastic way to get away from the norm, enjoy time in some truly wonderful locations as well as meet new people and make friends.

In other words, singles holidays are all about enjoying your independence. Striking out on your own, taking in new experiences and cultures in relaxed and friendly company are important…even if you are in a family but want some alone time or pursue interests that family members may not care for.

But hold on you might be saying, singles holidays, I’ve heard all about them, it’s all about being young and embarking on all-day, all-night parties on the beach, isn’t it?

Well, no. Not so.

And here’s why.

Flavours Guide To Single Holidays

The reign of the Club 18-30 Holiday is well and truly over. These days holiday companies are more in tune with the fact many single people are looking for other ways to enjoy themselves when taking a vacation. Consequently there are singles holidays such as cruises, cooking and activity holidays or sightseeing, all aimed at single people travelling alone rather than in families or groups of friends.

 Singles Holidays = Group Activities

Again, this is another myth; there are plenty of singles holidays on offer that don’t involve compulsory participation in a set number of activities. In fact to the contrary, there are even singles holidays available that are specifically designed to focus on one or two activities, such as painting or cookery. These take place in a laid back setting where the emphasis is very much on you as a single individual who is free to choose what they do and when they do it within a varied daily schedule. 

Singles Holidays – It’s All Takes Place In Ibiza, Doesn’t It?

No. As mentioned earlier, the days of ‘sun and sex on the beach cocktails’ may be a thing of the past but there is now a huge range of singles holidays that can be enjoyed all over the world. For instance you can go climbing in Sardinia, cycling in France, walk the Kings Trail in Sweden, chill out with a Pilates holiday in Tuscany, a painting holiday in Venice or getting down to the grooves at Montreal music festivals, among countless others. In fact whatever tickles your fancy there is probably a single holiday deal based just around that and nothing else.

The great thing about singles holidays is the fact they allow the single person to explore the world or sample new leisure activities, in a fun and relaxed way, as well as make new acquaintances. It is for this reason that singles holidays are becoming so popular for those who are on their own or who are in a family set-up but want some alone time.



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