Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Falanghina wine and Italian food matching

Today’s focus is on our new cookery holidays destination, Amalfi. The Amalfi Coast is located within the Campania region, an extremely popular and absolutely stunning Italian region.

Campania is home to an impressive array of locally produced specialties including wine, limoncello liqueur and gastronomic delights.

Our favourite wine of the region, is undoubtedly Falanghina – a white grape variety with a light and fresh taste. Its refreshing and energizing taste makes falanghina the perfect pair to a variety of Italian dishes.

Here are some of the best combinations for Falanghina wine:





Are you hungry yet? If are tempted to learn cooking these delicious dishes have a look at our cooking holidays in Amalfi.

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Oh…my…goodness….I think I love you! your recipes are all so amazing…looking..I haven’t tried them yet for I JUST stumbled upon your website, but it is so yummy looking. Can we be friends lol!