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Festive Party Tips For Singles Over 50

With Flavours singles holidays being so popular with solo travellers looking for holidays in Italy we asked the experts in mature singles to offer their top festive party tips. Read what Mature Hearts have to say and get some great ideas for these Christmas.

There are always too many things to do during the Christmas season.  It is probably the busiest period for everyone.  However, it can also be one of the best times for meeting new people, and making a good first impression.  A little preparation and forethought goes a long way in making your season a pleasurable one.
During the holidays, you can do a range of things like making special holiday drinks, snacks,   These projects could be done as part of one evening with a friend, or spread out into several dates during the season.  It is funny how all of these things are so much more fun when you are doing them with someone you might be interested in too!  Both ladies and gentlemen can show off their culinary skills, sharing in the process and also enjoying the results.  Think about having a singles dinner party and inviting everyone you know along – or even get everyone to join in by contributing something to the meal. Think about how you can create shared experiences together. 
decorating, and little crafting projects.

If you are planning to have friends over during the Christmas season you could start things off with a nice holiday drink such as eggnog, but don't forget to add a special something to it!  Try a good top shelf Brandy or Cognac to get the right mix for this festive holiday drink.  It would not be the Christmas season without a few warming beverage to get the party started – but also be mindful too to cater for those who prefer soft drinks too. And don’t forget to play some traditional Christmas music - or something more seductive such as Christina Aguilera’s album, My Kind of Christmas!

After a few of those fun filled holiday beverages, you and your friends - or romantic interest - can take some time preparing a snacks to munch on throughout the evening as you’re chatting away.  How about starting off with some chestnuts roasted over an open fire? Okay, so maybe not that, but seriously think about making it interesting, like cinnamon roasted almonds. They have such a beautiful distinctive taste. Another easy snack that everyone loves during the holiday season is: sausage rolls, also known as ‘pigs in a blanket’ – that’s one to remember if you’re thinking of having holding a quiz! 

There are a number of things you can do when thinking of what food to offer your party. You can go down the traditional route, which will ensure there is something for everyone – but add in a few experimental dishes and snacks to make it a little more interesting. Or if you are having a more formal party you could always create a theme and have everyone come in fancy dress!

Alternatively, simply having friends over is a great way to embrace the Christmas spirit. Just get together with a few beverages and snacks, and bring out the decorations.  This doesn't need to be too elaborate, but a few simple and fun things to do will ensure everyone gets the festive season off to a good start – from decorating the tree to hanging garlands around the staircase. Or you can go one step further.

Holiday crafts are a great tradition, from making wreaths from scratch to creating ornaments, there is a huge list of possibilities for you to share.  And many retail decoration stores offer a large variety of pre-made project packages with all you need, including instructions. You’ll find everything from nut cracker statues to reindeers!  Finishing off a night with a craft is a great way to send your friends home with something they can remember - and who knows, maybe they will have so much fun they will want to stay!

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