Friday, 25 April 2014

Meet Flavours Painting Teacher Hugh Tuckerman

From the minute you meet Flavours Painting Teacher Hugh Tuckerman, D.A. (Edin), you realize that this talented and creative artist is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge and experience. With less than a week before the opening of Flavours Painting exhibition, we met Hugh and discussed about his teaching approach as an art tutor and how we can help you create a memorable experience and further develop your creativity and techniques in our painting holidays in Italy. Without further ado this is Hugh Tuckerman:

I am aware that as a Flavours guest you arrive in Italy with varied background experience in drawing and painting, with high expectations of advancing your artistic ability while looking forward to enjoying the spectacular ambiance of the Italian environs.

As your teacher my primary responsibility is to ensure that both these expectations are met. I will tailor my teaching methods to your particular needs, abilities and expectations. We will learn together and have fun!

My focus is to further develop your creativity. I aim to help you to see as an artists sees, to respond emotionally to the Italian environment by demonstrating and developing with you appropriate painting techniques and mark making. I also aim to ensure you get the very best from your visit, meeting and relaxing with other like-minded guests, enjoying the fantastic Italian cuisine and wines, visiting wineries, Italian towns and centres of culture.

On arrival we begin with a social welcome to the villa by our host. The host will introduce you to our chef and me. This is real ‘get to know you’ time when we can share experiences and our hopes for your week’s holiday. 

Next morning, after breakfast, we then arrange to meet together as a group. We can take this opportunity to look at and discuss art materials and further explore and develop your week’s plan.
You may initially feel a little apprehensive but don’t worry I will provide support and reassurance to ensure you relax and enjoy yourself.

I have devised a few icebreaking exercises that are good fun, will make you think, and will build your confidence. As the week progresses I will assist you to find your own subjects for painting. We can then discuss ways of seeing, methods of rendering and alternative techniques.

On your last night I will help you to pull all your week’s drawings and paintings together for an exhibition where I will then provide a critique of your work.

I can assure you, you will have a fantastic time, you will take home art-work that will capture the essence of your visit and will serve you well as a guide for your future painting.

Want to meet Hugh?
Pop up in the opening of Flavours Painting Holiday exhibition on May 1 in the Flavours office at Edinburgh at 6pm. Or, discover when you can join him in Flavours painting holidays in Italy .

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