Saturday, 13 December 2008

Flavours of Italy Christmas party!

Flavours has had a fantastic 2008 and what better way to celebrate than a party in our new shop in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge. We invited our local clients and some Flavours staff along to catch up over some Rocco Venezia Prosecco and the essential Pecorino and Parmesan cheese – a main ingredient of our Tuscan cooking course and a firm favourite of our famous chef Simone.

The evening was a great opportunity for us all to swop recipes and talk food and drink. The night before Andrew, who took part in our Puglia cooking holiday hosted a dinner party for Lorne and Livia, our host in Puglia. We spoke about his menu for the evening which consisted of a glorious fusion of Scottish and Italian flavours where he skilfully juxtaposed locally sourced game and cheeses with fresh tastes of Tuscany and northern regions of Italy.

The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all and offered a rare chance for the Flavours team to get together and meet some of our guests. With only one week to go until a much needed Christmas break, bookings are coming in thick and fast, there’s plenty of last minute Flavours of Italy Gift boxes being wrapped up and sent all over the country – I’d go as far to say that our little shop is beginning to look like a gourmet Santa’s workshop!

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