Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What type of people go on singles holidays?

In the past few years, singles holidays have become an increasingly popular way for solo-travellers to experience new places and meet new people, without the added pressure of having to continually make new acquaintances or schedule activities. Today, specialist singles holidays are available across the globe, attracting a whole spectrum of different age ranges and personality types, from young people taking a career break, to older individuals enjoying their retirement.

The type of activity you choose can easily have a bearing on the types of people you’ll meet. The best advice is to choose an activity-focused singles holiday, picking something that you have a genuine interest in, such as walking, painting or cooking. Or you could make you holiday choice based on the location: if you have a fondness for Italian food or have always dreamed of visiting the Arctic, for example, you can guarantee that the people on your trip will also share your passion for the place.

Most singles holidays attract a variety of different ages. On Flavours Holidays, the bulk of our single guests tend to fall into the 35 - 60 age range, but over the years, we’ve welcome guests in their early twenties, as well as their late 80s! And with cooking, painting and pilates holidays tending to attract likeminded guests who are open to meeting new people, having a diversity of ages can make for a really interesting and well-rounded experience.

For some, gender might be a consideration. Pilates holidays, for example, are likely to attract fewer males, although not exclusively, whereas cooking and painting holidays tend to attract a more balanced group.

You don’t have to be looking for love to enjoy a singles holiday. Flavours’ singles holidays aren’t about match-making and speed-dating, they’re about learning new skills, developing existing ones, meeting a variety of new people and appreciating the culture, food, landscapes and weather of Italy.

And it isn’t necessary to be an expert painter or talented cook to enjoy a singles holiday. People join with a wide range of skill levels: some come as first-timers and are looking to gain basic skills, whereas others already have significant experience and are looking to fine-tune their talents. With our small group sizes and professional tutors on hand, everyone on a singles holiday with Flavours has the opportunity to work at their own pace and gain the advice they need to progress.

Even non-singles come on singles holidays! For some, it may be that their partner doesn’t share their passion for painting or fondness for food; or it might be that some just fancy a bit of time away from the family, or want to meet likeminded people. Whatever the reason, singles holidays also attract independent people that simply enjoy travelling alone and meeting other single travellers who share their interests.

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