Friday, 28 June 2013

Would you book an art holiday for singles? Solo traveller, Debbie, tells us her thoughts.

Flavours was interested to know just how singles holidays are for those who decide to book. It’s one thing reading all the blurbs and publicity, but what do real people think about their experiences? So with heart in mouth we called Debbie W and asked her if she would mind talking about the art holiday for singles she experienced a couple of weeks back. Flavours would like to thank Debbie for taking the time to be spill the Borlotti (or should that be Boticelli?) beans about her art holiday. We now hand over the Flavours blog.
I found answering Flavours questions about taking a single holiday really thought-provoking and I include both the question and the answer.

What made you take a single holiday?
That was easy to answer. I had recently been made redundant after 20 years in the same publishing firm. I was devastated to be honest. I had given my working life thus far to this job so decided it was time to treat myself to a holiday as a transition. The irony is I am not single but my partner couldn’t think of anything worse than spending a week on an art holiday. He understood the need for a break so I booked the package. In fact it was my first vacation alone in twenty five years of marriage so it was quite a step.

What attracted you to book an art holiday for singles specifically?
I suppose art has always been my ‘closet hobby’, as it were. No one else shares my passion. I thought the idea of taking time to work solely for myself, but within a small community, would be a great compromise. I love the idea of pursuing an interest without any other responsibilities. An art holiday for singles seemed to fit the bill.

Did you have any concerns about travelling alone?
I suppose I was a little bit worried about the concept of singles holidays as they have had a reputation in the past but I had done a cooking holiday with my husband a couple of years ago and kind of knew what to expect. Is that cheating? It certainly seemed odd setting off on my own but to be honest, I was so busy and the other artists were so friendly I soon found all my thoughts were about my work. I would say to anyone who is hesitant that it’s like jumping into a cold sea, once you’re in, it’s fantastic!

What did you gain from the art holidays for singles?
I really need a whole book to explain that in detail. The mix of people contributed masses to the holiday. As we were all independent travellers we ended up eating together in the evening, chatting about our work, swapping tips and ideas and even experiences. This was so convivial and I know there were people on the holiday who were single, but ours status didn’t matter as we were all there for a common interest. There’s something magnetic about a group of people formed through a love of art.

How would you rate the holiday?
Everything from the pick up at the airport, our tutor, the food and accommodation was just perfect but then Flavours holidays always pay attention to that kind of detail. I would give it a ten. Although I wish I could have experienced a two week holiday if I am honest! That would be my only regret.

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