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Top 10 tips for holiday romance on singles holidays

Everyone dreams of a holiday romance the sun, sea and sand makes for a perfect combination. Coupled with the excitement of meeting someone new on a single holiday, it can really lift the spirits and why not? After all, life’s for enjoying and for sharing – so with that in mind, we thought we’d come up with our top 10 tips to help things along: 

1.       Book a group holiday: joining a tour specifically for singles holidays is definitely a plus as everyone is on common ground, making it easier to start talking to people and get the conversations flowing.
2.       Choose an activity holiday: maybe you really enjoy creative pursuits like painting or cooking or you’re into Pilates or yoga. Opting for something you’re passionate about or have always wanted to try is a great way to meet new people who share your interests – and may help a holiday romance blossom too.  

3.       Take care of yourself: in the run up to your holiday give yourself a little more TLC. Start exercising at the local gym or enrol in a class, plan your holiday wardrobe and maybe treat yourself to a new haircut. Make yourself feel great.  

4.       Be responsible for your own happiness: don’t let the holiday be all about finding romance. Life should be full of fun experiences regardless of whether you’re single or not. Spend time on what makes you feel good. Happy people are more attractive to others in any case. 
5.       Make a pact with yourself: your single holiday is the perfect opportunity to set yourself some positive goals. Maybe you want to be kinder to yourself or make a conscious effort not to focus on old relationships and the baggage that comes with them. See it as a fresh start. 

6.       Be realistic: if you meet your perfect match and love really does blossom you’ll have a wonderful story to tell. On the other hand if it only lasts as long as the holiday and you’ve both enjoyed yourselves then you’ll go away with some fond memories.

7.       It’s good to talk: the art of good conversation makes you a more interesting date but remember to listen as well. Romance and friendship is two-way; people like to learn about others and their interests but they also want to feel this is reciprocated too. Besides, focusing on someone else can take the pressure off you! 

8.       Explore together: a holiday romance can be a perfect opportunity to find out more about the country that you’re visiting and all it has to offer. Having that shared experience gives you more to talk about too. 

9.       Play safe: by all means enjoy spending time with your new-found companion but don’t let the thrill of finding love lead you to take risks. A modicum of common sense is important for your own safety. If you’re on holiday with friends then let them know who you’re with, where you’re going, and when you’ll return. If you feel uncomfortable about your prospective date, then heed the warning signs and stay clear.  
10.     Romance or not, with the power of social media there’s no need to lose touch with the people you meet on holiday. Link up on Facebook for instance and keep in contact with those you feel a mutual connection with and a shared sense of purpose – these friendships might just be worth nurturing.

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