Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Are You Up For A Little Mental Flossing? Or Does A Flavours Painting Holiday Sounds A Better Option?

I came across the phrase ‘mental floss’ this week and it set me thinking. It’s not the most attractive image but does seem to express the detritus that builds up over twelve months. If we extend the metaphor further we can see it is the stuff dentists are so keen to eradicate as it can cause problems!

So, how do we go about flossing our mental state? Having a thorough inspection might be the first task; thinking about changing the way we do things might be another. After all, life can be too full of ‘what if’s?’ or ‘if only-s’. If we don’t take specific steps time passes and ambitions are left unfulfilled. Come on, we all know the longer we live the quicker we realise time simply vanishes. Therefore it is worth thinking about putting some concrete plans into action so that something truly memorable does happen this year.

Often we end up making lists of ‘must do’s’ and we become laden down with burden rather than lifting ourselves out of the mundane and promising to enjoy ourselves. It sounds quite shocking doesn’t it? This year I intend to follow my passion and have some fun. How irresponsible, how positively adolescent!
Well, considering middle age has been pushed back once again and thirty now seems an extension of teenage years there is enough time to think about sensible things like pensions and growing up, much, much later!

So, if I was to write in some scurrilous things into my 2013 diary, what would they be? Well, swimming naked with Jonny Depp in the Indian Ocean is enough excitement for January’s treat; it would probably take me the rest of the month, even the year, to recover!

February would be just the month to spend some time in a health spa or treat myself to a day’s pampering to slough off the winter covering that settles every year. Certainly looking after myself both mentally and physically is essential in this cruel month.

March is the beginning of spring for me so a weekend spent walking in the countryside would make me believe the return of warmer weather, leaves, flowers and fresh air is almost upon us.

Now April is something quite special and I am already looking forward to it as I have booked myself a painting holiday. Oh yes, that’s a definite and it’s already paid for too, so that I cannot change my mind!
It’s funny how we often put our own personal needs at the bottom of the pile but a little creativity, a change of scene, a passionate encounter with a paint box can revitalise me to such an extent I achieve much more upon my return to the everyday.

My painting is almost always on the back burner and I am used to saying to myself, I will find the time, promise, but it never seems a priority somehow and it really should be. That’s why making a definite plan will mean I take my creative side seriously for once.

I have been perusing my local college prospectus and also intend to book in for some watercolour lessons as a limber up so can really immerse myself in the landscape when I go to Venice towards the end of the month; I am so excited.

That takes me to May where our local community has its annual painting and photography exhibition and I intend to enter this year, after rehearsing for years.

Already five months of this coming year have something planned (I haven’t called Johnny yet but I’m sure he’ll fit me in if I ask nicely!)

I suppose what I am saying is that good times rarely happen spontaneously and often as we become immersed in the pressures of work and life the opportunity to relax, have fun, explore, experience something completely different become fewer. So this year don’t wait for something to happen, be proactive. If you want to work on your fitness book a week’s Pilates course in Sicily; if you are fed up watching Nigella licking her wooden spoons then go and explore Italian food yourself, commune with others who feel passionate about food, learn a new skill and enrich your life when you return home. Painting, Pilates, Cooking these are all things that can enrich our lives and there really is no excuse this year not to indulge in a passion or two. It’s easy, just click here and see just what is available on a Flavours holiday.

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