Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What ARE You Waiting for Anyway? It’s Time to Pick a Flavour!

You’ve had it on your “list” for ages…go here or there, try this, take a class in that…but “life”, the day-to-day seems to consume those good intentions. You tuck away those little dreams and so it goes … for another month, another year, whatever…it becomes a “some day”, “one of these days” wishful thinking … Sometimes it even becomes a regret, a “I wish I would’ve…” 
OKAY! Stop right there!  I’m here to tap you on the shoulder and maybe get in your face a little. Time for  a little reality therapy… ready? Ask yourself right now: If not now, when? Let’s be honest…if you’ve always wanted to go some where  or try something, then isn’t it time to do something about it!? And I’m guessing that, since you’re here, going to Italy or back to Italy has been one of those tucked away little dreams. Am I right?? I thought so… And maybe you’ve had some other little ideas…like taking some Italian painting courses, taking authentic Italian cooking classes or even trying a new fun activity? And what better way than on a holiday in Italy! Now isn’t that the best of all worlds? 

Sure, you say, but where do I start? No “buts” because guess what? You don’t have to do the research and planning or concern yourself with the logistics (which can be daunting) because there are experts - Flavours Holidays - who have done it for you. And they have done a fantastic job, too! Their priority?  To make sure that you will enjoy every single minute of your holiday!  

So, get away, get inspired and  enjoy! No laundry, no errands, no worries, just you, your new surroundings, your new friends, and your little dream…coming true! What’s your pleasure? Castles, villas, ancient ruins, medieval hilltowns, breathtaking landscapes? Well, you can have it all and what more could you ask for? All you have to do is show up because Flavours Holidays has taken care of all of the details.

Your hardest decision will be deciding which destination and which activity to choose! Will it be Tuscany, Umbria, Venice, Bologna or Sicily? Whichever you choose, fabulous accommodations, culinary heaven and picturesque surroundings await you! Will it be pilates courses by the pool, water color lessons in the countryside, or cooking and sampling local specialties in your villa? Decisions…decisions…

Just leave your comfort zone at home, pack your sense of adventure, and you’re on your way! Enjoy the company and camaraderie of other enthusiastic travelers in a small group setting. And here’s something you may not have considered, when you travel and share your new experiences with an international tour group you often learn more than a new skill, you learn about each other.  There’s nothing as positive for international relations than personal relations and the friendships formed during our travels can last a lifestime. 

Perfect? Si? So, are you out of excuses? Unwrap that little dream and make it a reality….today!

Victoria De Maio, Postcards from Travel PiZazz
La dolce vita for me!  My name is Victoria De Maio, and I am a lover of all things Italian. I grew up in an Italian family in California and am in a constant state of “homesick for Italy”! 

As a travel consultant, blogger and writer, I am dedicated to providing no-nonsense, practical travel tips and insights - with a light-hearted twist - and I specialize in helping people plan and take that next fabulous vacation.

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CVHG SB said...

It is so inspiring to read about this "JUST DO IT" attitude about travel and Life! Thank you Victoria!