Tuesday, 18 June 2013

An Italian chef’s guide to the Tuscan flavours

Spending a few days in a cookery course in Italy next to our Italian chef, was a great chance to interview him and ask to share his secrets on the Tuscan region menu.

We gathered your most frequent questions and here is your guide on how to order like an Italian on a cookery holidays in Tuscany.

Aperitivo in Italian refers to the drink you should have before your meal. Enjoy an aperitivo in a piazza before your meal to stimulate your appetite.

Antipasti means before the meal and is a selection platter that complements the aperitivo. Antipasto comprises of a variety of appetizers like cheese and smoked meats but also local specialities in small portions. Make sure your antipasto in Tuscany will include salame Toscano and Toscan pecorino with chestnut honey! 

Primi refers to the first course and there are lots of local specialties you can choose from. Our favourite one is Papa al pomodoro, a classic Tuscan soup with tomato and thick pieces of bread or Ribollita – a traditional soup made with seasonal vegetables, such as cabbage, beans and potatoes is also highly recommended.

The main course in Tuscany is typically meat as the region is characterised by a large variety of meat dishes that are always enriched with locally grown olive oil and olives. A classic choice that won’t let you down is GalloLivornese alla cacciatora.

Finish your meal with Tuscan style and enjoy a local dessert. I admit; it was extremely difficult to choose only one but I would highly recommend chestnut flour cake with fresh seasonal fruits and chocolate! Deliciozo!

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