Monday, 19 August 2013

Take a painting holiday to Italy!

Italy is the fifth most populated country in Europe and enjoys a warm climate throughout the year. The country is known for its beauty, culture, fashion and art. Artists choose the country as a place to work because of its beautiful views and creative climates. Italy is also known for its high standard of living and is ranked as being the 25th most developed country in the world. For these reasons it is a popular destination and will suit those that are travelling and want to experience an artistic getaway. In this article we will take a look at several locations that are perfect for those that wish to experience a creative painting holiday.

Venice is another area in Italy that is known for its rich influence on the artistic world. The city is based in North East Italy and is made up of 118 small islands. These are all connected and are accessed via boats that run through canals. The art of Venice also helped to develop the renaissance of painting. Several famous artists emerged from this region, including Giovanni Bellini, a painter who developed the Venetian style and introduced more color and depth into his work. He was inspired by the wonderful landscapes that Venice has to offer and inspired many followers at the Venetian painting school, where he taught other famous painters such as titian. 

Tuscany is a region in Italy that is known for its influence on art throughout the world. This is thanks to the renaissance art period that evolved there. The area is also known for its wonderful natural spaces and landscapes that will appeal to artists who enjoy painting in natural environments. Tuscany is also home to a large selection of famous architecture, one such being the famous cathedral of Pisa. A beautiful set of buildings that were constructed in 1064. This is also the home of the well-known leaning tower of Pisa, which is well recognized throughout historical culture and sits at a constant slant. Artists that enjoy painting complex architecture will love the cathedral and the beautiful complexities that surround the walls of the buildings. 

Sicily is a region of Italy but sits as a separate island in the Mediterranean Sea, which it is also the largest. People have been living on the island since 8000 BC. Greeks began to inhabit the Island from around 700 BC. Sicily is an area that boasts a wide amount of color and beauty in its rich landscapes and old villages that flow with culture and artistic possibilities. Bars are a great place to people watch and the Sicilian lifestyle is to eat and drink well trough out the day. Artists may want to capture some interesting scenes of street life in their pictures and would do so perfectly here. 

Umbria is a region of central Italy covered with a peninsular region. It was formed during ancient times. This region is covered with rich in beauty with landscapes. Artists feel and experience the beauty of Umbria. They capture many scenes from the beauty. This is just a selection of places that are based in Italy and will be great for artists who wish to travel somewhere creative and beautiful. The food is also wonderful and the locals are generous and kind.

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