Monday, 31 March 2014

Best spring escapes in Italy : Tuscany's natural thermal spa

Spring is the best season to relax at a natural thermal spa. It is an appealing way to spend a couple of days away from your daily routine and stress and enjoy some beautiful landscapes. It is the ideal place for couples, young people, families and anyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits of thermal waters that are completely surrounded by nature and usually free!

Tuscany has the largest number of thermal spas in Italy, thanks to plenty of thermal springs with temperatures between 25° and 54°. These spas have been well known since ancient times and were used in treatments for rheumatisms, breathing, blood flow and digestion problems.You don’t have to be sick to fully enjoy a spa! Today many modern health spas offer modern technologies and every kind of service to body care and wellness and are becoming renowned tourist destinations.

The richest territory for thermal baths is the one around Siena, in Tuscany. Bagno Vignoni and its famous Roman thermal pool placed in the town’s main square, has been known since Lorenzo the Magnificent’s time for its therapeutic waters. A stones throw from here is Bagni San Filippo, recommended for its two kinds of water: the sulphurous one pouring from the rocks; and the muddy one, inside the white pools. Head then to San Casciano dei Bagni, which ranked third in Europe for its amount of springs (42 water springs at a temperature of 40°). Then visit Chianciano Terme: from the legendary Etruscan King Porsenna to Latin writers and even well known directors like Federico Fellini people have celebrated its Acqua Santa (Holy Water) for its healing power. Immerged in Crete Senesi is Rapolano Terme, which offers high quality treatments both for specific illnesses and general wellness.

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And that’s not all: the areas around Versilia and Lucca are also well known for their spas. Among them, Bagni di Lucca is famous for its purifying and regenerating pools, frequented by none other than Dante, Byron, Shelley, Dumas, Heine, Verdi and Napoleon! Not far from there you can find Montecatini terme: its baths are the most ancient in Europe, and have been perfectly re-organised in the 19th century by the illuminated Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold II.

On the other hand, in the heart of Maremma, Saturnia attracts many people throughout the year, with its amazing mix of technology and tradition. A fun fact: legend tells that Zeus throwing a thunderbolt created the water springs to calm down the anger of humans.

...And now, free your mind and leave for a paradise in Tuscany where someone else will take care of your pampering and your mind and body can be revitalised. For more information in our next holidays to Tuscany click  here .

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