Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Easy cooking classes from Italy - Cream of Limoncello

After the popular previous posts about limoncello we want to give you more cooking classes from Italy and your favourite liquer. Enjoy!

Cream of limoncello is a delicious digestive liquor. You can also prepare a sort of “granatina” with it by just adding chopped ice, or you can use it to garnish ice cream. And it is also often used for sponge cakes! As discussed in our previous post for the limoncello recipe, it is very important to use untreated lemons and avoid low-quality alcohol, otherwise you may find it completely frozen when you take it out of your freezer!


8 lemons
1 kg sugar
0,5 litre of whole milk
0,5 litre of fresh milk cream (panna)
0,5 litre of alcohol at 95°
1 vanilla bean

You will also use:
A glass jar which can close tightly
A cutting board and a knife
A vegetable peeler
A strainer
A glass bottle

First wash the lemons with lukewarm water and then, with the vegetable peeler, cut the zest (don’t take the white part below, it is very bitter!). It is better if you put them on a cutting board and cut them to make them smaller. Then put the lemon zest in the jar and pour 750ml of alcohol. Then close it tightly and let it macerate in a fresh and dark place for a month. Then sift the liquid.
In the meantime boil milk, cream and the vanilla bean (you have to open it first) together. When you are letting it cool remove the thin surface layer and add the sugar. Stir it until the sugar is all melted. When it is cold remove the vanilla bean.
Then mix it with the liquid you had sifted and stir meticulously.
Pour everything into a glass bottle and put it in your freezer. It has to rest 15 days, after that your cream of limoncello will be ready to be served!

Enjoy and remember to check our website for more recipes and ideas for cookery courses in Italy!

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