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Rapid Italian cooking classes: How to make limoncello

Even though it is said that there is no unique recipe for limoncello, as every family in Italy usually makes it following their own family recipe (the recipe is passed down through the generations), here we can suggest one of the classic ones we teach in our cooking courses in Italy.   

The preparation is quite simple, but you have to follow the recipe meticulously to taste the yellow liquor in more or less two months. Then you can either sip your limoncello after lunch/dinner as a digestive drink or use it in a tasty dessert or in a colourful fruit salad! If you are interested to find out more about limoncello's history you can find more details here

Limoncello Recipe 
10 lemons
1 litre of alcohol at 95°
1,2 kg of sugar
1,5 litre of water

Advice when choosing the ingredients:
-If you do not have Italian lemons, please choose at least untreated lemons to make limoncello.
-Since limoncello has to be kept in the freezer before serving, it is very important not to use low-quality alcohol, because it will freeze!

You will also need:
A glass jar which can close tightly
A cutting board and a knife
A vegetable peeler
A strainer
A glass bottle
The first thing to do is to wash the lemons with luke warm water and then, with the vegetable peeler, cut the zest. Pay attention not to take the white part below, because it is very bitter and it will change the final flavour of your limoncello. It is better if you put them on a cutting board and cut them to make them smaller. Then put the lemon zest in the jar and pour 750ml of alcohol. Close the lid tightly and let it macerate in a fresh and dark place for a month. 

A month later you have to boil 1,5 litre of water and then add the sugar. Stir until the sugar is all melted. Then let it cool.When it is cool pour it in the jar with the zests. Add also the remaining 250ml of alcohol.Then leave the jar to rest for 40 days in a dark place.When the time is ready, just open the jar and sift the liquid. Pour it in a glass bottle.
Then put it in your freezer, so it will always be chilled enough to   offer to guests whenever you want!

And make a toast to Flavours Holidays too!

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