Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Flavours cooking holidays 2013 - our guests favourite memories

With only 3 days left before we welcome 2014, we thought to look back in some highlights of our cooking holidays in Italy  as seen from the eyes of our guests!
"We stayed in beautiful la frasca villa. It is the first 'all inclusive' holiday I have been on which was truly all inclusive. I was traveling alone for some weeks so wanted some company for the last week of my trip. I am so glad I chose flavours. The other guests were like family by the end, loved them all and all quite different. I learnt a lot in the cooking sessions but the best part was watching Cathy squishing up the tomatoes with her hands! Lovely relaxing exactly what I needed. Thank you Flavours."

"What I enjoyed the most was cooking Italian meals and tasting food that was authentic to the region! My best memory is the cooking lesson with Sunshine and Giulia on the Varramista Estate when we made our first Ravioli".


"I loved the cooking holiday and I now use the basic italian ingredients in my everyday cooking and have sage and rosemary growing by my kitchen door".   

"My best memories/favourite parts...I've made several friends with whom I have kept in touch and met up with, wonderful recipes that I can reproduce for friends, the opportunity to practice my Italian with Sunshine Livia and Antonio, and so much laughter" !!!


"I have so many great memories from my 3 Flavours holidays, not just of the wonderful scenery, ingredients and cooking lessons but mostly from the wonderful people I have met.  If anyone is unsure about a solo holiday I can only say go for it as it is a brilliant way to meet people from vastly different backgrounds as you already have a common interest.  There is nothing better than sitting round the dinner table, enjoying the fruits of your labour and having a good laugh with people you only met the day before"!

Thank you all for the wonderful times you have spent with us in Italy. We can't wait to see you again soon on another cooking holiday in 2014!

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