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Putting the fun into making New Year’s resolutions

How is your New Year going so far? Have you stuck to your New Year's resolutions? Whether you have promised yourself to become healthier and try something extraordinary like Pilates holidays   or indulge on singles holidays and become a solo traveller for the first time - you need to learn how to put the fun into making it happen! Today's blog will teach you how:     
Let’s face it we’ve all been there - the tradition of New Year’s resolutions and the determination that this year will be different. We’ll stick to what we’ve set out to achieve. So why is it that we start off full of enthusiasm but after days or literally weeks we end up feeling miserable and demotivated?
We set resolutions like losing weight, stopping smoking or spending less money. All good on the surface but there are a few things to keep in mind when formulating a great resolution – and one that you’re likely to follow through on.  

Firstly, it’s important to be very careful about what you focus on because that makes a big difference to whether the resolutions will stand the test of time. The key is to turn your attention to improving your life rather than denying yourself of something. 

Understand your focus 
You may want to formulate a resolution to make new friends or find a partner. However, when setting a resolution, focus your attention on what is within your control rather than looking to another person to give you what you want. Think about what brings you joy in life, your dreams and passions. This is particularly important if you have a goal like ‘losing weight’. It should never be for anyone else except you. As mentioned earlier, instead of focusing on losing weight focus instead on the positive improvements like looking slim and feeling healthy, with lots of energy. Know exactly why you want to achieve this and the joy and benefits it will bring to you personally. 

In fact, a better place to start would be to love who you are now, regardless of size, shape, creative skill or anything else. It might sound crass but self-care is really underrated – however, if you take good care of yourself first you will find you have so much more to give to others and it will invariably attract likeminded individuals to you.

Creating a resolution
When formulating a resolution that you will follow through on, write down all the benefits of gaining that goal – and then also write down all the negatives. Really think about each of these very carefully, in particular the negatives as these are most likely to knock you off course or lead you to give up on your resolution. This is because with every resolution you take on you will ‘lose’ something and it’s this loss that can cause a problem because it means there is often a void of some kind. Maybe you want to give up smoking, yet you smoke when you’re bored or you might comfort eat when you’re sad or stressed and this causes you frustration because it’s taking you off course, away from what you set out to achieve. 

That’s why it’s so important to be honest with yourself before you start your New Year’s resolution. What void is the resolution likely to leave and how can you fill it, both mentally and physically? Decide what you will do instead in those moments when you are bored, stressed, sad or too tired. Know how you will keep yourself motivated, including keeping in mind your vision of what your world will look like when you achieve your goal.

Learn from the past
Many people find it hard to develop new friendships or skills later in life. Often, there can be a great deal of emotional baggage to bear. And this is a real shame because it is a great time to extend your social circle or creative and intellectual endeavours.
When making resolutions it’s important to learn from the past - but don’t let it hold you back. Large wholesale changes can be difficult so it is often best to make small incremental steps rather than trying to do too much at once. It’s about making these changes a habit, until you get to the point where it’s totally ingrained into your way of life. And if you make just one small change each day, week or month that can add up to huge progress over the course of a year. Choose the methods that work best for you to follow through on the action you need to take. 

Dream big
When formulating a resolution remember to include your big dreams as it’s these that really add a sense of excitement and adventure in life. It’s often important with these types of goal in particular to break them down into manageable chunks. If you’re not sure what to do, then ask someone who has already attained this achievement if possible. It’s surprising how many people will help you if you only ask. 

So whether your ambition is to start a new business, learn how to paint, meet new people, find a new partner, take time out for yourself to have a regular massage or enlist the help of a personal fitness coach - make sure you pick a resolution that will make you feel great and have a positive impact on your life. Always keep the end goal in sight and understand clearly why this resolution is a must for you, but most of all enjoy the process. 

A New Year means a new beginning, a new start. That’s 12 months of endless possibilities and opportunities to get what you want from life and make 2014 the best year yet.

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